On January 1, 2014, givesblood.org and Blood Drive Consultants stopped providing service. Brian Keller and Rob Smith created givesblood.org in 2002 while at school together at the University of Pennsylvania. Our goal was always to facilitate the blood donation and blood drive organizing process in an effort to improve the donor experience and increase collections. We often gave the services away to organizations for free and never made a profit from the business. Over the last 12 years, the growth of our careers has limited the amount of time we could invest in the website. The ideas of the website remain constant, but much of the code we wrote over a decade ago has become obsolete. Neither of us has the skill or time to appropriately update the code and design of the website.

We have enjoyed our work with organizations across the country and are appreciative for every donor and drive organizer. Thank you for giving over 200,000 donations through our system and we ask you to continue giving blood with your local blood centers!

Please continue doing great things!


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